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  • Complex cutouts
  • Colour matching and Soft proofing
  • Lifestyle and Product enhancement
  • Large Format and Outdoor Media imagery
  • Lightroom, Raw and HDR

I have been retouching digital imagery for many years. Coming originally from an illustration background has proved beneficial when I’m retouching and visualising.
Creating and compositing images requires a great deal of realism and attention to detail – I achieve this with a sound knowledge of perspective, lighting, shadows, and instinctively knowing what looks ‘right’.
In fact, the result of a successful ‘comping’ of two or more images should never look like it existed in any other form, nor have ever been worked on in Photoshop.

I’ve worked with professional photographers on many occasions either in the studio or on location.

I have been highly trained in colour management enabling me to retouch and colour balance images for many different uses, I can also work remotely from my studio which is equipped with a Fogra Certified proofing monitor for colour critical applications.

Phone me for more details: 07961 146 762

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